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Joel Fox

started really working in corprate ideantity at Siegel&Gale. Later he built fancy websites, made titles for 100+ commercials, and taught interactive media in the graduate design program at CalArts.  Joel was a principal creative on Yo Gabba Gabba focused on interstitials, dream sequences, and general magic. Since then he’s made a bunch of other stuff.  He is Joeldepartment and on instagram and has a lot of old websites. 

Jennifer Jordan Day

is an animator, prop maker, budget overseer and super duper organizer of many things.  She spent years of her life coordinating meet and greets for musicians like the Black Eyed Peas and Justin Timberlake.  Then she coordinated productions and branded content videos for Katalyst (Ashton Kutcher’s production company).  Working at Oxygen Media (NBCUniversal) as the Production Manager helped hone her budgeting and production management skills.  The last few years have been spent creating videos for children’s television and brands like Vans and Levi’s.   

Ross Harris

4-time Vimeo staff pick, full time great human.  Ross has been making videos for bands and clients and just great people he meets for a while.  Director, Editor, Creative etc with a long list of clients.  Experience him at http://rossangeles.net/ when he isn’t over here getting busy with us.  

Mikael Jorgensen

knows how to jam and he also understands cords, scales, and theory. He plays keyboard in the band Wilco and writes his own songs for other music projects. Sometimes we are the other projects! He plays music so well he can also play visuals at the same time! He is a great VJ.  https://mikaeljorgensen.com/